My name is Patrick Cunningham, born in —-in Zambia on the 6th of August 1966 but have grown up here for most of my life. Got my matric, did my National Service, got a diploma in Forestry, worked for the Department of Forestry for a few years, a year on Ntingwe Tea Estate and then got into timber decking in 1995.
Worked as a subcontractor for a few years till about 1998 then went on my own and I’m still at it 21 years later.
I have worked on many commercial sites but prefer the more residential, game lodge type of jobs, more my cup of tea.

I am based in Waterfall outside of Durban KZN, where most of my work is at present, but have no problem to travel anywhere should the necessary additional expenses be covered. I generally have one assistant, sometimes more depending on the magnitude of the job but can work with local labour if supplied, especially on far way jobs where accommodating labour has always been a problem. I have both a valid South African and a British passport so I’m good to go most places, just have to get the tools, timber and myself there..