The deck itself is pretty self-explanatory, it’s all about the right spaces and spans using the right size planks. It’s basically a stage consisting of a framework or sub-structure onto which a floor is laid and a balustrading is attached. Low level decking does not normally require balustrading.

Balustrade posts are required at regular intervals of 1.5m or less and must have a height of 1m above the floor. These posts can be secured by: setting them into concrete, pinning them onto existing surfaces eg. tiles or in the case of the deck, then bolting them onto the framework.

The basic rules are that there is a minimum tread width of about 200mm and a maximum rise per step of about the same size. So on a basic single flight of stairs you need the same horizontal distance (if not more) as the vertical distance you want to descend eg. If you are 2m above the ground, your staircase will land on the ground 2m (if not more) away from you.

Most of my work is decking but with it has come a lot of weird and wonderful things so I’m open to doing things like:

Mezzanine levels
Timber Cladding
Screen walls
Jacuzzis (not my favourite)